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Recording Artist
Singer, Songwriter, and Rapper
Layin’ It Down Records (Signed in 2016)

On April 27th 1994, in the great city of Fort Worth Texas, a star was born by the name of  Jeremiah Skiba, b.k.a Skeeba. Raised in Oak Cliff, a sub-division of Dallas, Skeeba began to taste the cultural gumbo of his surroundings. Growing up in a broken home, Skeeba turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the daily balances of life. Music became an outlet.

Music was always a part of Skeeba’s life. Growing up, his parents would religiously listen to bands like, The Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Nirvana, which peaked Skeeba’s interest in music. At a tender age of Skeeba’s adolescence, Skeeba’s father had other agendas in his life that did not allow him to be a part of Skeeba’s world.  Stepping up to the plate, Skeeba’s mother and grandfather raised him and encouraged him to follow his dream. Skeeba’s grandfather changed Skeeba’s life in many ways. Introducing him to some of the greatest bands of all time like; The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and other popular music from that era, Skeeba became compelled with the style and the acoustic river that flowed through him.

Unknowingly, Skeeba would not listen to their music like the average fan, but Skeeba would be fascinated by the composition, the melody, and the overall performance of the groups. At the risk of sounding cliché: Hip-Hop has been a growing culture since it was introduced in the ’70’s. With the ’80’s rapper like the Beastie Boys, and the ’90’s rapper like Eminem, Skeeba became more confident that Hip-Hop was a path that he wanted to travel down.

Having a supportive mom and an encouraging grandfather, they bought Skeeba a microphone. The power of the microphone flowed through Skeeba’s body as if it was electricity. Skeeba developed his own style and strides toward making non-genre based music that most people can relate to.

Skeeba says, “It’s not about making music… It’s about making timeless art.”

Skeeba has mastered his craft over time. By performing at places like, Poor David’s, the Curtain Club, and the Doublewide in Dallas (to name a few) and Tomcat’s in Ft Worth, plus a couple of performances at the SXSW festival in 2017, He began getting noticed by several Record Labels, and his fan base continued to grow. Skeeba attended a local community college and studied music marketing. There he met Adrian “A.D.” Peebles, CEO of a independent record label called Layin’ It Down Records. Skeeba had been offered contracts by various labels, some independent and some major. But Skeeba wanted artistic freedom and became very close friends with A.D. So, Skeeba signed in 2016 with Layin’ it Down Records and he was confident that he could trust them with his art. Skeeba is artistically unique. Skeeba tells a story with his music. He wants to bring back music that has substance. Being an addict and alcoholic in the past, Skeeba feels he can relate to the “Unreachable” and help lead them down the right path. Skeeba’s released his Debut single and video, Kurt Cobain.  It was released through a publicist and appears on several “Bangerz” Blog sites. Skeeba continues to create sculptures that we call music. It’s carefully carved to catch the details needed to define his work of art.


Upcoming Events

Stay Tuned, A lot Coming Soon!!!


Past Events

September 17 2017

Skeeba – Anthem Dallas @ House of Blues Dallas

Skeeba LIVE doing his thing and winning over a whole new audience.

September 3 2017

Skeeba – Live @ The Curtain Club Dallas


JULY 27 2017

Skeeba LIVE @ Double Wide, In his hometown of Dallas Texas!

See Skeeba Live at Double Wide on July 27th Performing songs from his upcoming album. Show hosted by Wonderland Syndrome and also performing is Extermination Order. Was a great show with great music.


MARCH 16 2017

Skeeba Performed Songs From Upcoming Album!

March 16th Live @ Oscars Backyard

LyrixxOvaSoundz: SXSW 2k17
The Hottest Indie Showcase in The City


MARCH 11 2017

Skeeba Performed Live March 11, at SXSW 2k17 Opening For Dorough.
Saturday, March 11 at 7 PM – 10 PM
New York New York
222 E 6th St, Austin, Texas 78701




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